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Entrancing Audiences Everywhere

With her unique blend of pop/hip hop hooks and mystifying lyrics Hannah Rose has found her niche in the music industry. Her ability to turn fantasy into every day emotion is incredibly new and refreshing. 


Hannah Rose & The Garden

When it comes to live performances, Hannah puts on a show like no other. With the help of her live band, Hannah Rose & The Garden have played all over Southern California and captured the attention of fans of all genres. Performing on the same bills as pop artists all the way to Wu Tang Clan's U God, Hannah Rose & The Garden can truly play anywhere. 


Join Hannah Rose

None of Hannah Rose's success comes without the help of her followers AKA her family. With that being said, to be fully involved and up to date on her musical endeavors be sure to follow her on her social media sites. 

Mr. California (Live)

Hannah's original song Mr. California


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