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Hailing from small town Cleveland, OH, Hannah Rose has traveled thousands of miles in pursuit of a dream so large, it couldn’t fit within her hometown city limits. After over a decade of studying classical music and jazz, Hannah made the move out to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in music, attending both California State University Northridge and The Musicians Institute. It is there that Hannah ultimately decided to devote her life to the art of writing music. 

Drawing lyrical inspiration from bands such as Pierce The Veil, The Ready Set, and Marianas Trench, in combination with that of hip hop artists like Nas, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, and Eminem; Hannah’s music has something in it for listeners of all genres. With her unique blend of pop/hip hop hooks and mystifying lyrics Hannah Rose has found her niche in the music industry. Her ability to turn fantasy into every day emotion is incredibly new and refreshing, and has allowed her to write, produce, and release music at a rapid rate. 

With her debut singles “Temptress” and “Ice Queen” now available on all music platforms, Hannah is gearing up for a release this Valentine’s Day. Following suit, Hannah plan’s to release her debut EP by Fall 2019. In addition to her releases, Hannah Rose has devoted her time to perfecting her live shows, putting on a show like no other. With the help of her live band, The Garden, Hannah Rose & The Garden have played all over Southern California and captured the attention of fans of all genres. Performing on the same bills as grammy award winning funk artists, pop singers, and all the way to Wu Tang Clan's U God; Hannah Rose & The Garden can truly play anywhere. Hannah Rose plans on continuing her wildly ambitious plans, with hopes of going on her first tour in 2020. 


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